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the work

the devi co-op seeks to end the criminalization of surviving gender-based violence within the State of Georgia. By utilizing harm reduction and participatory defense techniques, tdc is poised to provide survivor defense support at both the pre-trial and post-conviction stages. tdc also pursues policy initiatives and grassroots organizing in order to promote survivor release and uphold survivor’s rights.

Through its partnership with the Mann Law Group, tdc is utilizing a unique model of post-conviction participatory defense in order to re-negotiate sentences and advocate for the release of survivors who are incarcerated for their survival actions. Furthermore, tdc provides pre-conviction support via survivor defense campaigns, legal connection & support, expert witness location, and crowdfunding, and community organizing.

tdc strongly recommends you reach out if you or a loved one has been criminalized for surviving gender-based violence, or are currently incarcerated on charges surrounding survival actions from gender-based violence.

Survival actions can include, but not be limited to (as outlined by Survived & Punished): 

  • Self-defense – Defending oneself from the imminent threat of violence or from an environment where one fears for their life
  • “Failure to Protect” – Being blamed for not being able to keep child safe from predominant aggressor of family violence
  • Migration/Homelessness – Having to move or flee to escape abuse and/or being criminalized for experiencing homelessness due to escaping abuse
  • Removing Children – Fleeing homes with children in order to escape violence. 
  • Protecting a third party from being victimized by gender violence
  • Coercive Control – Being coerced into acting as an “accomplice” for another crime
  • Being criminalized for poverty
  • Being criminalized for mental health/substance use

Depending on the nature of your case, tdc can offer the following services:

  • Pre-Trial:
      • Participatory Defense
      • Legal Connection and Support
      • Expert Witness Location
      • Crowdfunding & Community Organizing Support
  • Post-Conviction:
    • Post-Conviction Sentence Negotiation
    • Narrative Packet Generation
    • Post-Release Support
    • Crowdfunding & Community Organizing Support

tdc is immensely grateful to be in collaboration with the Georgia Commission on Family Violence, the Mann Law Group, Law 4 Black Lives, the University of Georgia Family Justice Clinic, and the Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault in its mission to end the criminalization of surviving gender-based violence. 

If you have experienced criminalization for survival actions from gender-based violence, please reach out to us directly at general@thedevicoop.org. Please indicate in your inquiry where you are located, a brief description of your situation, as well as if you have identified counsel, and a member of our team will follow-up with you within 2-3 weeks.